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Get straight and beautiful teeth with orthodontic braces.

Get straight and beautiful teeth with orthodontic braces.

Have you decided to get orthodontic braces? You may have plenty of questions regarding getting dental braces. To help you get the best orthodontic treatment, here are a few questions that you might want to know before setting an appointment for braces treatment near me

What to expect during my first orthodontic exam?

To determine the specific needs of patients, the orthodontist conducts a full mouth evaluation.  At first, they make a visual inspection to notice any obvious issues and discuss your past oral history. Then, impressions of your teeth are taken following an x-ray of your entire mouth. Finally, your dentist will take a close evaluation and decide what treatment is best for you.

Some patients have teeth that are very compacted together. This becomes an issue for the treatment. Therefore to fix this, the dentist might either use spacers or a palette expander. Other patients might have too much space in between the teeth. So, the orthodontist has to plan the treatment accordingly. 

What should you do after getting braces?

It takes time to adjust to new things. Therefore, getting used to your new treatment and new diet will take some patience and will power. Do not take sugary and sticky substances. Hard foods should be avoided and if taken it should be chopped before having them. Given below is a small list of foods that should be avoided or at least taken care of while eating:

  • Cut Apple, pear and carrot into smaller pieces before having them.
  • Sugary chewing gums.
  • Candy, caramel, sugary peanut brittle.
  • Corn on the cob.
  • Crispy corn and taco chips.
  • Basic hard foods like nuts or popped corn.
  • Thick pieces of bread.

If you are still in doubt about any food, see whether you feel any pressure on the braces and decide accordingly.

Ready to kick-start your orthodontic journey?

The results of the treatment are worth investing in it. You can smile healthy and live happily. Call us today at North Capitol Dental Care and get amazing orthodontic services including Invisalign braces in San Jose. Our quality and affordable braces will leave you with a long-lasting, gorgeous smile.