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Things you should know about Dental Clinic

Things you should know about Dental Clinic

Dental care can be expensive, especially if you’re visiting a private dental practice. Have you ever heard of a dental clinic? Well, now you have. A dental clinic houses all of your dental needs under one roof. And that includes specialists. Dental clinics tend to be less expensive than visiting the dentist, and they offer other benefits too.

What makes a clinic different than a dentist’s office? We’ll cover that as you read on. We’ll also look into the procedures offered at clinics and the advantages and disadvantages of going to one. By the time we’re done, you’ll know if going to a dental clinic is right for you.

Differences between a dental clinic and a dentists’ office

As compared to a dentists’ office, a dental clinic can charge services at a lower cost. Most dental clinics tend to have specialists in certain areas of dentistry, and the scheduling is quite relaxed.

With that being said, however, the dental clinics are subject to a high rate of turnover of staff members, which results in a disparity of treatment to a certain degree with different professionals.

Moreover, your dentist, the one who is available primarily for your beck and call for dental problems, will be thoroughly proficient with your dental needs. After consulting one for many years, most of us will be pretty comfortable. In the case of dental clinics, however, you will be treated by whosoever is available at the moment.

The worst part while being treated in a dental clinic is that if you are having procedures or problems with long-term dental care, you might have to switch dental professionals, which poses the possibility of impeding the treatment and recovery.

So keeping all things in mind, you can decide between choosing a dental clinic or a dentists’ office. If you choose the latter, then you might want to refer to the following paragraph.

Where can I find an expert dentists’ office in San Jose?

So if you are a resident of San Jose, you might be wondering, ‘Where can I find a good dentist’s office near me?’; well, you don’t have to ponder for a long time.

The North Capitol Dental Care in San Jose caters to patients who require care for dental problems in the domain of general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Irina Ganzha has been practicing as a specialist in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry for a decade. Her primary focus in dentistry includes Dental Veneers, Oral Surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, Sedation Dentistry for patients afraid of dental treatment, Endodontics, and Prosthodontics. One of the redeeming features of her practice is the low overhead charges which are about 20-40% lower compared to others. To add a feather to her cap, she is an Invisalign Premier Provider, which is hugely beneficial, considering there are 157,000 General Dentists in the United States, out of which around 20,000 are Invisalign certified, and only 700 of those Invisalign Dentists are Premier Providers.

Dr. Gary Engelking is an Orthodontia specialist with prosperous, twenty-five years of experience and is familiar with all the current forms of treatment related to Orthodontia, including Invisalign, Damon technique, Functional Appliances, and Jaw Surgery complex cases. A Navy veteran, he has an MS degree in Orthodontia along with the DDS degree.

Dr. Ujjwala Dorlikar is a specialist in general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery in India, she continued her dental education in the USA, graduating from USC, Los Angeles in 2007 with honors and was a Dean’s List candidate.

So with these specialists along with helpful staff, North Capitol Dental Care offers the right solutions for your dental problems.