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Everything you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

Generally, people shudder in fear with the mention of the word “root canal treatment”. This is because of the old perception build in people’s minds that root canal treatment gives a painful experience. This is not the actual case. Root canal therapy has become one of the most effective treatments for decayed tooth, dental cavities or cracked or chipped a tooth. 

What do you mean by Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is a common dental procedure done by an endodontist who is specialists in performing root canal treatment. This treatment is done to treat a patient from dental pain, infection, inflammation of the root and pulp of the tooth. 

Why is root canal performed?

To save the tooth, root canal treatment is performed. If your pulp, tissues of a root canal, nerves of the tooth get infected, a root canal is prescribed by doctors. Dental cavities, tooth injury, chipped or broken teeth cause you infection and you should get a root canal done.

The procedure of root canal

Root canal therapy takes three steps. The first step is to clean the root canal. The dentist removes the infected and diseased pulp tissue through small files. After cleaning, shaping and decontaminating the hollow, the root canal is filled with a rubber-like material and through adhesive cement, the canal is sealed. The final step is to add a crown to provide protection. 

Is root canal procedure painful?

A root canal is actually performed to relieve a person from severe tooth pain. Through the latest dental technologies, equipment and anaesthesia, a procedure performed is relatively painless. There can be some discomfort experienced after the treatment, but that is completely normal and will be cured in a few days. 

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