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The Difference Between Cosmetic and General Dentistry

The Difference Between Cosmetic and General Dentistry

The goal of cosmetic dentistry in San Jose is to improve the patient’s facial appearance, whereas general dentistry aims to prevent and treat oral diseases. You could discover that your general dentist performs a variety of aesthetic operations. However, specific cosmetic procedures might be advantageous for your dental health. 

The Work Of General Dentists

Dentists, in general, treat issues that are related to any discomfort in the oral cavity. Common treatments in general dentistry include:

  • Extractions.
  • Fillings.
  • A root canal.
  • Some general dentists also provide therapy for periodontitis, a more severe ailment, and gingivitis.

Regular dental checkups, expert cleanings, and oral cancer screenings all fall under the category of preventive treatment at a general dentistry office. Additionally, a general dentist may apply fluoride treatments, sealants, and mouthguards.

Teeth whitening is one aesthetic procedure that some general dentists provide.

The Work of Cosmetic Dentists

A cosmetic dentist will likely also provide teeth whitening because they primarily focus on your teeth’ appearance.

  • Dental veneers.
  • Composite bonding.
  • Inlays and Onlays.

Should I Visit A Cosmetic Or General Dentist?

While cosmetic dentistry deals with the overall aesthetics of teeth, general dentistry focuses on preventing and treating oral diseases. Finding the best dentist for you might be facilitated by understanding the differences between the two.

Dentists specializing in aesthetic or general dentistry can handle a range of complex or straightforward dental procedures.

Most individuals who feel they may have oral health issues will initially go to a regular dentist. People who want to look better are more likely to use a cosmetic dentist’s services.

A Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) degree is required for both general and aesthetic dentists.

A cosmetic dentist, in general, is a restorative dentist who has pursued further education in improving a patient’s oral and facial appearance.

Where Cosmetic and General Dentistry Collide

Some dental offices focus on family dentistry and provide a wide range of services as a “one-stop-shop” for all of your family’s oral healthcare requirements. In addition to basic, restorative, and family dentistry services, these clinics may offer aesthetic procedures, including bonding, crowns, and bridges.

Dental Clinic Near Me

Even though these areas overlap, you should choose a dentist based on your needs rather than merely a referral. North Capitol Dental Care is the best option if you’ve been having problems with your teeth’s appearance or health.

We provide both General and Cosmetic dentistry in San Jose. North Capitol Dental Care has a skilled aesthetic and clinical dentist team who would be delighted to assist you and your family in regaining solid and beautiful teeth.

We will evaluate your oral health and determine your dental requirements and objectives during your consultation. Contact our general dental office in San Jose to arrange your educational and helpful consultation.


Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge: Which Is Right For Me?

Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge: Which Is Right For Me?

Missing teeth are a thing of the past, thanks to modern dentistry. In addition to being a cosmetic problem, missing teeth can cause several other issues, including decay, gum disease, tooth loss, jawbone degradation, and facial atrophy.

Fortunately, preventing these issues is easy when you visit a skilled and sympathetic dentist. Dental bridges and implants are two of the most often used methods for replacing missing teeth. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, keep reading.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are tiny, screw-like rods implanted into the jaw via the gums. An abutment and dental crown are connected to the implant when it has healed. This is the only method of tooth replacement that involves replacing the complete tooth, including the root. A dental implant can also support dentures and dental bridges.

In 1965, an orthopedic surgeon named Brandmark became the first person to affix a titanium dental implant. Dental technology has advanced substantially since then. The most effective tooth replacement alternative currently available is dental implants.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

The high success rate of dental implant specialists is only one of the numerous advantages they provide. Patients often like dental implants because they lessen the chance of jawbone degradation, which can cause facial atrophy and further tooth loss. Dental implants mimic a natural tooth in both appearances and feel.

Dental implants’ Negative Aspects

Dental implants can be chosen with little risk. However, many patients reject implants due to the operation and up to 18 months of recovery time. A dental implant clinic in San Jose is also one of the priciest healthy choices.

Dental Bridge

Dental repairs are nothing new. Ancient cultures created artificial teeth by carving bamboo into teeth and connecting them with gold and silver wires. Even while these fixes didn’t increase the functionality, they did make them seem better.

Dental bridges are now produced using medical-grade porcelain and acrylic resin, resembling natural teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are far more sturdy and pleasant than dentures. Dental bridges are fixed to the underlying natural teeth present adjacent to the missing areas. 

A dental bridge is more affordable and completed considerably more quickly than dental implants. A dental bridge may be made and positioned by dentists in just two dental visits instead of requiring over a year!

Dental Bridges’ Negative Aspects

One of its most significant drawbacks is a dental bridge that does not assist jawbone renewal. This indicates that bone loss in your mouth, which causes further tooth loss and facial atrophy, is still possible. Given that they have the potential to harm healthy abutment teeth, dental bridges aren’t expected to endure as long as dental implants, which stay forever.

To Sum Up
Whether you decide on a dental implant or dental bridge, we are confident you will be happy with the outcome if you meet with our skilled and caring staff for an implant dentist in San Jose. Call Us right now to set up your introductory appointment.


Why Dental Implants Are Essential To Bone Health

Why Dental Implants Are Essential To Bone Health

You could be interested in prosthetic tooth replacements if you’ve lost a tooth to periodontal disease, an infection, or oral trauma and are unsure if dental implants are an appropriate option. Implant dentists in San Jose want their patients to be aware of their alternatives.

The health of your gums and jaw bones is crucial in determining whether or not your mouth can sustain an implant. For a dental implant to be healthy and endure a long time, the gums and bones in your mouth must be in excellent condition.

Three Reasons Bone And Gum Health Is Essential For Successful Dental Implants

Your gums and jawbone need to be in good health for a dental implant to function correctly for a variety of reasons:

  • Damaged gums and bone cannot adequately support implants 

A dental implant is designed to provide a platform upon which a crown, bridge, or permanent denture can be fixed, effectively replacing your tooth’s natural “root.” It is meant to sit securely in the gum and jaw tissue. When your gums are in good condition, they snugly fit around your implant, safeguarding it and ensuring it stays in place. Additionally, when your jaw tissue is in good health, it forms a permanent link with the implant. The implant simply cannot heal properly and won’t be secure if your gums or jaw are weak.

  • Gum recession may result in the implant’s root being visible 

The implant’s root may become exposed to oral bacteria and food particles if your gums keep receding after it has been implanted. The implant will be more challenging to maintain and may need to be removed if it develops an infection.

  • Significant infection risk is posed by periodontal disease 

People with periodontal disease may not be eligible for dental implants until the condition is under control because the bacteria that cause gum disease can also result in “peri-implantitis,” an infection of the dental implant.

Even though your periodontal disease is currently under control, if your jawbone is fragile and your gum tissue has considerably degraded due to past damage, you might not be able to have a dental implant nearby.

I have weak gums and a brittle jawbone. Can I still get an implant dentist in San Jose?

Good news has arrived! You could still be able to get a dental implant even if your bone and gum tissues are weak. However, before the treatment, you’ll probably need a “bone graft.” Using a bone graft, a portion of bone is implanted into your jaw to create a solid, healthy foundation for the dental implant.

Interested In Dental Implant Nearby? Call Us Right Away!

We’ll evaluate your dental health during a consultation with our dental implant specialist if you’re unsure if you qualify for a dental implant. To begin, give us a call right away.


7 Reasons to Try Invisalign Braces for a Brighter Smile

7 Reasons to Try Invisalign Braces for a Brighter Smile


Crooked or misaligned teeth are not only ugly, but they can also be challenging to clean. Insufficient cleaning of teeth might lead to periodontal disease. Your teeth are at risk, as well as your bones and gums.

Teeth braces are a means to align the teeth properly. On the other hand, traditional braces are unsightly, uncomfortably uncomfortable, and painful to wear. Adults, in particular, may be embarrassed to wear them. Clear braces like Invisalign are a preferred alternative. Here are five reasons why Invisalign is a better option than traditional metal braces:

Invisalign Braces are Much More Subtle  Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners custom-made to fit your teeth. They are nearly invisible to the human eye due to their transparency. This is one of the main reasons they are so popular among children and adults. Celebrities and television personalities have even employed them. The majority of people who have them are utterly unconcerned with their appearance. They frequently disregard them and go about their regular business.

They are Far More Comfortable

Unfortunately, many people who wear metal braces feel pain and discomfort. Braces can irritate the gums, resulting in ulcers and blisters. Furthermore, the metal wire can commonly cut the back of the gums when implanted. This is uncomfortable for anybody, but especially for youngsters. It may cause apprehension in dentists and orthodontists. Invisalign therapy, on the other hand, is significantly less painful. The plastic aligners are perfectly sized and velvety smooth. This helps to stop ulcers, blisters, and wounds from developing.

You are free to eat and drink whatever you like.

One of the most significant benefits of Invisalign braces is that you can eat and drink whatever you want. When wearing metal braces, it is advised that you first avoid eating certain things. These are frequently extremely hard or sticky meals. People often continue to eat the foods, causing the braces to be damaged. This means additional visits to the orthodontist and a longer treatment time. However, with Invisalign, you can take the aligners out before meals. That also indicates that you can continue eating your favorite foods without fear of harming them.

They’re Easier to Clean

Your orthodontist would encourage you to wash your teeth more frequently once you have metal braces. This is because you cannot completely clean your teeth and must do all possible to maintain appropriate oral hygiene. As a result, it is mandated that everyone always has a toothbrush with them and should brush after every meal. Furthermore, flossing is nearly impossible. The problem with this is that it can lead to stuff like this. Numerous more issues could arise as a result of this. However, none of these issues is a problem with Invisalign treatment. Because the aligners are detachable, you take them out before brushing your teeth and flossing.

Fewer Orthodontist Appointments Are Required

You should see your orthodontist more frequently if you have metal braces. This is because the wires will need to be replaced or tightened regularly. This usually inconveniences you or your child after a short time. You don’t have to visit the family orthodontist frequently when you have Invisalign braces. When you need to see them, your appointments will usually be much shorter.


5 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Benefits

5 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Benefits

What does it take to have the smile of your dreams? A visit to a cosmetic dentist is the ideal course of action for folks who want a beautiful, sparkling smile. The finest cosmetic dentistry in San Jose will not only do the procedures required to offer their client their most perfect smile ever but will also explain why they are required.

When you see a cosmetic dentist, you can pick from one or more dental procedures. 

Tooth Bleaching

It is one of the efficient and most popular options for individuals who want to make a quick and easy change to their grins.

For Teeth whitening, you may consider doing it at home or at the dentist’s office, but getting bleach from your dentist is the best option. The outcomes of over-the-counter bleaching procedures aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for.

Dental Veneers

It has been the gold standard in aesthetic dentistry for decades. Veneers are thin porcelain shells placed over the front surfaces of the teeth.

When the enamel of your teeth is carefully filed down, an imprint is taken. The impression is sent to a dental lab for customized veneers. You’ll have to do with temporary veneers until your permanent veneers come from the lab.

Veneers are an excellent alternative for people who have severe stains that won’t go away with whitening and those who have cracked or shattered front teeth.

Enamel Bonding

Dental bonding is considered an excellent alternative for people who have severely discolored or damaged teeth.

The composite bonding substance used for composite bonding is typically the same as that used for white tooth fillings. Your dentist may mold this material into the ideal, appealing shape you wish since it is moldable.

The drawback of this procedure (and why many people choose veneers instead) is that enamel bonding has a shorter life span than dental veneers.

Enamel Abrasion

This therapy is another option for removing discoloration. Surface stains are erased with a piece of micro-abrasion equipment that uses small pumice.

This approach may remove the tobacco, alcohol, soda, and coffee stains. On the other hand, enamel abrasion does not cure intrinsic stains or stains on the inside of the tooth.

A cosmetic dentist can help you decide which stain removal treatment is best for you.

Invisalign Braces

Most people think braces are reserved for kids, but a rising number of adults are using them to get the smile they’ve always wanted. Adults should choose Invisalign braces since no one can tell they’re on!

Braces are beneficial in a variety of ways. This dental surgery can rectify malalignment that causes pain, such as recurrent headaches. This operation, affordable implant dentistry, is worth the money because of the benefits.

To Sum Up

Cosmetic Dentistry in San Jose can help you reach your objectives, whether you desire a brighter, whiter, and dazzling smile or want to transform your appearance with veneers and bonding.

Are you looking for a dental office near San Jose? Call North Capitol Dental Care today to know more about our cosmetic dental methods and prearrange consultation. We’ll show you which procedures are ideal for you!