Are you aware of the fact that the dentist does not need specific training to complete your implant surgery? This gives rise to the dentist who is inexperienced and is more likely to commit critical mistakes. Don’t get scared reading this because through this blog you will be able to find an implant dentist who will be able to provide you with a beautiful smile and better functioning.

Proven track record

When you go for an implant dentist, make sure you check their previous work. You should ask for references as well as photos before and after the treatment. Also, read patient’s online reviews as well as testimonials before booking an appointment. You can get to know the previous patient’s overall experience and you can judge accordingly.

Implant dentist certified by Board

Dental implant dentists who are certified by Board spend lots of time practicing on patients and finishing written exams where they learn to handle issues safely and work according to individual needs.

Continuing courses

Do not just pay attention to the fact certificated hinged on the wall of the dental office. Ask the dentist about the recent continuing courses completed by him or her that focus on implants.

Latest Technology

Look for the latest technologies and machines in the dental office. These help in conducting the treatment with much ease and comfort.

Getting a dental implant is not just a cosmetic procedure but it’s major surgery. You must conduct extensive research before selecting an implant dentist. 

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When should a child see a dentist for the first time?

As parents, we want to get the best for our child. We focus on every aspect like education, nutrition, health. When it comes to oral health, we are very unsure when should we take our child to the dentist for the first time. Dental care must be started early if you want to keep your kids shining, grinning mouthful of teeth in a healthy condition. 

When should you schedule your child’s first dental checkup?

You must try to schedule your baby’s first dental checkup with a pediatric dentist in about six months time he gets his first teeth or he is a year old, whichever strikes first. If you are in doubt that there is an issue or even a cavity make sure you visit the dentist. If your family history has cavities or habit of sleeping with a bottle then your baby has higher chances of developing early tooth decay. Even if your kid’s baby teeth are temporary, you must take care of them.

What is expected at the first dentist visit?

Most of the dentist first visit is very quick and straightforward. The pediatric dentist will greet your child, take a count of your kid’s teeth and check his gums. Many dentists expect parents to wait in a room and while their kids get their teeth checked. Your dentist will converse with you about dental hygiene habits, schedule of next appointment, etc. You can also find out if the dental office offers some rewards after the checkup to your kid. 

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Everything you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

Generally, people shudder in fear with the mention of the word “root canal treatment”. This is because of the old perception build in people’s minds that root canal treatment gives a painful experience. This is not the actual case. Root canal therapy has become one of the most effective treatments for decayed tooth, dental cavities or cracked or chipped a tooth. 

What do you mean by Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is a common dental procedure done by an endodontist who is specialists in performing root canal treatment. This treatment is done to treat a patient from dental pain, infection, inflammation of the root and pulp of the tooth. 

Why is root canal performed?

To save the tooth, root canal treatment is performed. If your pulp, tissues of a root canal, nerves of the tooth get infected, a root canal is prescribed by doctors. Dental cavities, tooth injury, chipped or broken teeth cause you infection and you should get a root canal done.

The procedure of root canal

Root canal therapy takes three steps. The first step is to clean the root canal. The dentist removes the infected and diseased pulp tissue through small files. After cleaning, shaping and decontaminating the hollow, the root canal is filled with a rubber-like material and through adhesive cement, the canal is sealed. The final step is to add a crown to provide protection. 

Is root canal procedure painful?

A root canal is actually performed to relieve a person from severe tooth pain. Through the latest dental technologies, equipment and anaesthesia, a procedure performed is relatively painless. There can be some discomfort experienced after the treatment, but that is completely normal and will be cured in a few days. 

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How to find the best dentist in San Jose

Regular dental care is important in order to protect your teeth from diseases. For that, you need the best dentist before you face an emergency. Are you tired of typing “Best dental clinic near me” in Google in your search for the best dentist in San Jose? If yes, then you are going about it the wrong way. Below are a few tips on how to find the best dental care in San Jose. 

1. Ask for referrals

Ask your friends and family members who they consider to be the best dentist in San Jose. If you are new to the area, then asking your local doctor or your health insurance provider would be a good start. 

2. Consider the location

Your chosen dental care must be near to your home or place of work. Their office hours must also be on par with your schedule. If you have kids, then pick a dentist who has experience with children, too. 

3. Ask the right questions

Call the dental care and ask them as many questions about their services as you can. These might be about whether:

  • They offer preventive as well as corrective dentistry.
  • They perform cosmetic dentistry.
  • They are equipped with the latest equipment and technology.
  • They’ll see you after hours during an emergency.

4. Examine the costs

The best dentist is quite often not the cheapest one. If a dentist offers his or her services at a way cheaper price, it might be a red flag. Cheap dental care will cost you much more in the long run. 

5. Run a background check

Make sure that the dentist has proper qualifications, training, and sufficient experience and are certified professionals. 

So, no more typing “Best dental clinic near me” in Google. Follow the above tips to find the best dental care in San Jose. And if you want, you may contact us at NC Dental.


Everything you want to know about cosmetic dentistry

So, are you thinking about trying out cosmetic dentistry in San Jose? Well, before you go on to type “Cosmetic dentistry near me” in Google, you must be well aware of what you would be dealing with. Below is everything that you need to and must know about cosmetic dentistry.

What is cosmetic dentistry? 

Unlike traditional dentistry procedures, cosmetic dentistry aims at improving the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. Even though most cosmetic dentistry procedures are arguably non-essential, they sure offer several benefits like making dental cleanings easier, boosting confidence, and reducing teeth grinding. 

What are the cosmetic dentistry options? 

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in 95132, you will have the following options at your disposal. 

  • Teeth whitening procedures which brighten stained or discoloured teeth. 
  • Dental bonding for teeth that are chipped, stained, broken, cracked or have gaps in between them. 
  • Thin, custom-made porcelain shells known as dental veneers for disguising stains or imperfections. 
  • Dental contouring which involves modifying or removing the tooth enamel in order to improve the appearance of a tooth. 
  • Crown lengthening which is done to fix a “gummy” smile or an uneven gum line in order to make your teeth appear longer and reduce the appearance of your gums. 
  • Smile makeovers which involve a lot of cosmetic procedures aimed at improving the appearance of a patient’s smile. 

How to choose the right cosmetic dentist

If you are looking for the right dentist for cosmetic dentistry in San Jose, then you must select one with the proper qualifications, immense experience, and positive testimonials. And before you go on to type “Cosmetic dentistry near me” in Google, you may try our expert dentist at NC Dental. We are the leading providers of cosmetic dentistry in 95132.


What is Dental Bridge and How does it work?

We might have or can lose our teeth due to an injury, medical condition, or natural causes. A missing tooth is a horrifying experience for anyone. It creates an unsightly gap and you can also experience pain while chewing discomfort in your jaw, or other problems which can occur due to change in your bite. You must be wondering what are the options to restore back your smile. One of the most common and effective solutions to this problem is dental bridge treatment.

What is a Dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement solution to problems of missing tooth and gaps between the teeth. This replacement tooth fills in the missing space and creates a natural appearance while helping to restore the tooth.


The dental bridge placement is not a surgical procedure, so you stay awake all through the treatment. At first, the dentist will numb the area of the mouth with the help of local anaesthetic to minimize the discomfort of the shot. Then the dentist takes imprints and measurements of your mouth to ensure that the custom-made bridge fits properly and makes you feel comfortable. During the procedure, if any temporary crown is placed is removed and then the dentist will apply the cement that holds the bridge in place.

With the right dental bridge treatment, a missing or damaged tooth cannot impact the look of your mouth or overall dental condition of your mouth. A dental bridge provides you with a number of advantages and is an excellent option for missing tooth.

If you require dental bridges in San Jose, at NC Dental we aim at providing you with the best dental bridge treatment to restore back your beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with us and get your confidence back through a stunning smile.