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One of the essential components of our general health is oral health. It has been revealed by several medical research that there is a common link between oral infections and severe health conditions. So, maintaining the health of your teeth, gums and other oral parts is essential. 

General dentistry practices confine a stupefying line-up of services and procedures, all giving a common goal of helping in preserving your natural teeth for long, ensuring proper oral health and keeping you as such to look and feel great throughout life. Practising good oral habits must begin from childhood. Our life has different stages, and each stage may have its dental concern, a general dentist has the training to address every issue. 

What procedures does general dentistry include?

There are a wide variety of procedures and services included in the practice of general dentistry which are:

  • Preventive services – These assists you in maintaining proper dental health by stopping diseases from getting hold inside your mouth. You must get regular check-ups and professional teeth cleanings. A general dentist will give you proper preventive instructions on improving your oral hygiene at home. 
  • Restoration services – Restoration services include the appropriate treatment given to you when a problem is found. For example, if you have tooth decay, your general dentist will remove the decay and put a filling in the tooth. Restoration services are also given for broken, loosened or knocked out teeth. A general dentist may place dentures, crowns or bridgework. Nowadays, dental implants and root canal treatment are provided with a lot. 
  • Cosmetic procedures – You may not have the sparkling or stunning smile which you have always wanted. Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, veneers, Invisalign, etc will help you get a great smile makeover by your general dentist. 
  • Overall health needs – Sometimes, some of your dental problems create issues in other parts of your body. A general dentist is trained to identify such problems and provide necessary treatment for the same. They can also give you advice on maintaining proper health.  

When to visit a dentist? 

You must see a dentist every six months for preventative services. If you feel like your mouth needs attention or there is some oral issue, you must immediately run to a general dentist. You can also get a cosmetic procedure done by visiting a dentist. Regular dental check-ups are and practising effective oral habits is very necessary for a healthy smile and general dentistry will help you keep a stunning smile lifelong. 

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