Children's Dentistry

Our doctors can find the right approach to every child and know how to talk with kids about healthy life-style.
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Childrens Dentistry

“My God! This is terrible!” – You might think hearing this.

And how many adults turn pale and almost faint from the word dentist? Let’s try to understand why this happens and what is the source of this mass phobia.

Do you remember your first visit to a dentist? Certainly it was in your childhood: a toothache. You found out that the children’s dentistry existed only if there was a real problem. And now let’s imagine: a kid with severe pain comes to an unfamiliar doctor, armed with drills and other scary tools. To say that this is stressful – is not to say anything. This first experience builds very negative attitude to the dentists in the future.

Now let’s imagine a different story: “Mom and baby every six months visit familiar doctor”

Pediatric dentistry is not associated with pain and stress for them, the doctor just examines the baby and does it carefully and accurately.

Perhaps the very first time such manipulation may bring discomfort to the child, but later she just gets used to the doctor and pediatric dentistry becomes for her something ordinary and normal. And any child likes being brave. Moreover, children’s dentistry helps to avoid many problems. If he meets his young patient every six months, a dentist will be able to detect pathology and recommend necessary procedures in time.

Children’s dentist honestly wants to be a friend and certainly not the enemy for the child. So later, in his adult life, visit to a dentist would be as natural as visit to the grocery store, coffee shop or beauty salon.

There is a popular belief that children with baby teeth only don’t need the dentist. Some people say these teeth are temporary and it doesn’t make any sense to treat them. In fact, baby teeth are also damaged by caries. Under each deciduous tooth there is a bud of permanent which may be damaged it infection in baby teeth left untreated. Tooth caries is the source of infection. It might sound strange, but because of teeth infected with caries your child can complain on constant sore throat or gingivitis. Also, as we know, occlusion and speech are formed at a very young age. Pediatric Dentist observes and guides these important process in a right direction.

Generally speaking, parents are afraid of dentist more than children are. For a small children if the procedure doesn’t cause any pain they will be eager and curious to try something new.

Our doctors can find the right approach to every child and know how to talk with kids about healthy life-style.