Dental Implants

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Dental Implants 01 A dental implant is made of the titan or zirconium oxide in the form of the screw. It’s put in a bone on a place of the lost, missing or damaged tooth. It is capable to bear on itself a a fixed or removable dentures

Loss of teeth definitely affects your smile. Therefore it is extremely important to restore the lost tooth. One more reason for timely restoration of the lost teeth is that the teeth located near the defect could be displaced, that leads to bite deformation, inconvenience when chewing and change of face proportions. Dental implant is unique opportunity to restore a beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Before AfterContrary to a popular belief, a dental implant procedure is no more painful than treatment of ordinary caries or simple extraction. Mild to moderate pain after the surgery is easily controlled with painkillers.

Procedure takes place in some stages, under local anesthesia and looks as follows:

  • The dentist dissects a gum and places titanium implant which might look like a tiny screw in the bone, then closes soft tissues for the time necessary for osseointegration.
  • Process of bone merging ( or adapting) to the implant is called an osseointegration and is the longest stage of implantation: Usually it can take around three  to six months, depending on density of  bone. For the time being healing cap or temporary crown can be established.
  • When the process of osseointegration is complete dentist opens up the gum and places healing abutment.
  • The last stage – installation of the crown for dental implant. Usually it starts two weeks after healing abutment placement. Impression for permanent porcelain crown is made and you have new beautiful smile.

Dental Implants 02 Moreover dental implants are used even at total absence of teeth. In such cases it is possible not only to improve fixing of a removable artificial denture, but also to receive completely fixed dentures.

In our days a special type of dental implants so cold temporary micro implants (mini implants) is used in increasing frequency. Mini implants enhance anchorage, fix crown and bridge installations and help to do the bite correction more exact and predictable.

How much does dental implants cost?

To know the exact cost of teeth implantation without a patient examination – it is impossible. The price of best dental implant procedure in our office in San Jose depends on type of implants, a quantity of implants (not always one implant is put to the place of one tooth ) and need for accompanying surgical services in case of a lack of firm and soft fabrics of maxillofacial area. If you would like to know the exact cost of the teeth implantation – call us and sign up for consultation