Dental Veneers

Veneers are the best way to restore your dazzling, snow-white smile.
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Dental Veneers

Before and After

Dental veneers or Porcelain veneers are thin shells – 0,5-0,7 мм – that are placed to the front surface of the teeth. Porcelain veneers can close spaces between teeth increase tooth thickness or length, whiten and straighten teeth. If teeth have deep tetracycline stains or changed color because of trauma or previous treatment veneers are the best way to restore your dazzling, snow-white smile. Veneers are a more sparing alternative to crowns as they require removal of thinner layer from the tooth’s original surface. Moreover its can sometimes even allow the patient to avoid orthodontic treatment!

Porcelain Veneers Procedure steps

  1. First of all a dentist reshapes and prepares a teeth shaving off a tiny layer of each tooth original enamel. A local anesthesia can be used but is typically not necessary, in any case you will not feel anything during the procedure.
  2. Next, a dentist makes a mold of the teeth, using this imprint of your teeth veneers will be developed in a dental lab. It can take some times. If you want you can get temporary restorations placed on your teeth to protect your prepared teeth.
  3. On your second appointment when veneers are ready the dentist fit your new veneers to your teeth. A special curing light is used to activate the dental cement so that it permanently bonds the veneer to the front surface of your prepared tooth.

Veneers are durable and quite strong but patients have to avoid to crack nuts or to nibble ice as such hard food may break or shift veneers. Dental veneers need the same care as well as normal teeth : brushing, flossing and visiting a dentist for check-up on a regular basis. Following these not difficult rules you make veneers to last decades. If nevertheless veneers were broken or shifted you have to contact your doctor immediately.