Teeth Whitening

Our Teeth Whitening procedure will bring back your bright new smile!
Believe us—it’s very easy!
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Teeth whitening can be done at home all by yourself. But to achieve best results it’s better to consult with your dentist. Your dentist checks your teeth and provides you with a bleaching tray and tooth whitening agent. You’ll have to wear a tray just a few hours per day and in no time you will see a noticeable difference in brightness of your teeth.
Teeth Whitening Bleaching Tray
If you want to have white teeth within an hour we can offer you a laser teeth whitening treatment. Blue light is applied to activate and strengthen the effect of bleaching gel. You have to take into account though, that in office light activated teeth whitening slightly increases sensitivity of the teeth.
Teeth Whitening Wearing Tray
Today teeth whitening procedure is absolutely painless and harmless. Existing crowns, fillings or even very pigmented teeth are resistant to bleaching agents. In this case in order to whiten and brighten your smile dentist recommends such restorations as thin laminates (veneers), which cover your teeth and can be any shade of white.

On average teeth shade comes back close to its original condition in 1-2 years and for maintenance of the achieved result supporting teeth whitening procedures are recommended.