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What is Dental Bridge and How does it work?

We might have or can lose our teeth due to an injury, medical condition, or natural causes. A missing tooth is a horrifying experience for anyone. It creates an unsightly gap and you can also experience pain while chewing discomfort in your jaw, or other problems which can occur due to change in your bite. You must be wondering what are the options to restore back your smile. One of the most common and effective solutions to this problem is dental bridge treatment.

What is a Dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement solution to problems of missing tooth and gaps between the teeth. This replacement tooth fills in the missing space and creates a natural appearance while helping to restore the tooth.


The dental bridge placement is not a surgical procedure, so you stay awake all through the treatment. At first, the dentist will numb the area of the mouth with the help of local anaesthetic to minimize the discomfort of the shot. Then the dentist takes imprints and measurements of your mouth to ensure that the custom-made bridge fits properly and makes you feel comfortable. During the procedure, if any temporary crown is placed is removed and then the dentist will apply the cement that holds the bridge in place.

With the right dental bridge treatment, a missing or damaged tooth cannot impact the look of your mouth or overall dental condition of your mouth. A dental bridge provides you with a number of advantages and is an excellent option for missing tooth.

If you require dental bridges in San Jose, at NC Dental we aim at providing you with the best dental bridge treatment to restore back your beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with us and get your confidence back through a stunning smile.